Privacy policy

Vene-Hietsu Oy
Y-tunnus: 0500137-9

Veneveistäjänkuja 6
55420 Imatra

Person in charge of the register
Ville Hietanen
puhelin: 040 720 1347

Name of the register
Vene-Hietsu Oy:n henkilökontaktirekisteri

Purpose of the processing of personal data
The person’s contact information in the register is used for Vene-Hietsu Oy’s marketing measures and information.

Information content of the register
Henkilökontaktin yhteystiedot.

Personal contact information
The information provided by the personal contact itself, the information entered by the sellers related to sales and presentation events, as well as the material supporting the analysis automatically collected by the online service.

Regular transfers or transfers of data outside the EU or the EEA
The information will not be disclosed to anyone other than Vene-Hietsu Oy.

Registry security principles
The information in the register is located on a secure server in accordance with the Electronic Communications Data Protection Act behind the user IDs issued by the administrator.

Right to inspect
Every person who has submitted his or her data to the register has the right to inspect his or her own data stored in the register. The request will be made by email to the contact email address.

Right to demand correction of information
Every person who has submitted his or her information to the register has the right to inspect his or her own information stored in the register and demand that it be corrected. A correction request will be made via email to the contact email address.

Other rights related to the processing of personal data
A person has the right to prohibit a controller from processing information about him or her for direct advertising, distance selling, or other direct marketing, as well as for market and opinion research. If a person wishes to prohibit such an activity, he or she can do so by contacting the data controller by e-mail.

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